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European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams

ENFAST established a Memorandum of Association which established the existence of a Core Group and a General Assembly. The Belgian and German Presidency were granted ISEC funding to organise Core Group meetings for members of the Core Group and General assemblies for representatives of the 28 EU Member States and Europol, Interpol, US Marshals, Switzerland and Norway as observers. EUROPOL provides its Platform for Experts (EPE) to the national fugitive teams enabling the exchange of non-operational information. Furthermore EUROPOL provides support to have the Europe’s Most Wanted list published on its public website. The Collège Européen de Police (CEPOL) is an EU agency dedicated to providing training and learning opportunities to senior police officers on issues vital to the security of the European Union and its citizens. CEPOL has included an ENFAST training course in its curriculum and trainee exchanges are being organised between national FAST units.

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